How to use i3lock as xfce's screensaver?

By default,in Archlinux's xflock4 doesn't work generally after basic install.

I decide to use i3lock to manage it.

First,download i3lock-fancy and it's dependancies

yaourt -S i3lock-color-git

cd /usr/bin

ln -s i3lock-color i3lock

sudo pacman -S imagemagick scrot xautolock

cd ~/software

git clone https://github.com/meskarune/i3lock-fancy

cd /usr/bin      make slock to communicate with xflock4

sudo vim slock

# ! /bin/bash

(path to i3lock fancy)

sudo chmod +x slock


after that,go to setting /session and startup,make an autostart with below script

xautolock -locker xflock4 -time 10 -corners 0-00


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